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2016 NCAA Dollar Bracket Draft - Full - Round 1 (1 Viewer)

Deal with the draft being slow, i made picks without my cheatsheet just to keep things running.  Fyi  i didnt want to run this but no one else would

 I will be online at 9 AM CST this morning and will be around all day to draft.

 If you're not going to be around Make sure a friend or the draft Coordinator has your phone number.

Never mind. Telly has my #. Text me when I am up for a pick, Telly

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 Talk about no common sense. He couldn't leave a couple of teams with somebody so we could move on? 

 Trying really hard not to become that cranky old man screaming at kids to get off his lawn. 

 Going to have to get everyone dialed in to finish this thing off   

i'm here all day to get this done. I think if people are gone for a few hours, leave a few teams with the guy behind you, that'll get us done today.

LOL, well I took Cincy because I thought I had better chance getting Butler with next pick, I had Butler higher rated  :wall:

4.2 Providence


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1.1 Kentucky

1.2 W.Virgina

1.3 Purdue

1.4 Michigan St.

1.5 Wichita St.


1.7 VCU

1.8 Duke

2.1 Gonzaga

2.2 Maryland

2.3 Texas A&M

2.4 Iowa

2.5 Baylor

2.6 Texas

2.7 Arizona

2.8 Oklahoma

3.1 Iowa St.

3.2 Seton Hall

3.3 Cal

3.4 Miami

3.5 Telly $avala$

3.6 Pumpnick

3.7 ArbyMelt

3.8 cheese

4.1 cheese

4.2 ArbyMelt

4.3 Pumpnick

4.4 Telly $avala$

4.5 Penguin

4.6 FatUncleJerryBus

4.7 oukurt

4.8 Detroit Fan 365

5.1 Detroit Fan 365

5.2 oukurt 

5.3 FatUncleJerryBus

5.4 Penguin

5.5 Telly $avala$

5.6 Pumpnick

5.7 ArbyMelt

5.8 cheese

6.1 cheese

6.2 ArbyMelt

6.3 Pumpnick

6.4 Telly $avala$

6.5 Penguin

6.6 FatUncleJerryBus

6.7 oukurt

6.8 Detroit Fan 365

7.1 Detroit Fan 365

7.2 oukurt 

7.3 FatUncleJerryBus

7.4 Penguin

7.5 Telly $avala$

7.6 Pumpnick

7.7 ArbyMelt

7.8 cheese

8.1 cheese

8.2 ArbyMelt

8.3 Pumpnick

8.4 Telly $avala$

8.5 Penguin

8.6 FatUncleJerryBus

8.7 oukurt

8.8 Detroit Fan 365


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