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2016 NCAA Dollar Bracket Draft - Full - Round 1 (1 Viewer)

Some people don't want to keep seeing the bleeding if they know they are gonna lose regardless and will hardly check in.

I hope it gets straightened out but even if it does can't see anyone willingly join a $1 pool next year.

Oukurt always pays. I think the majority of people have played in the pools the last few years. I'm in the hole too, but I will be paying. I don't check on the thread that much this year either. I had two teams left entering the 2nd week I have Oklahoma left. Are we supposed to come into the thread and say wow Pumpnick you are killing it this year? Haha. Are we supposed to feed your ego? Congrats buddy!

No doubt. Thank God the chalk starting winning. That could have got really ugly. Especially after Telly's round 1 games. He crushed it.

Why would you want UNC to win? Syracuse is a slight dog to ND, prob 10 pt dog to UNC next round. I would want the chance at $350 more even if losing $24, right?

i have Syracuse in 50c pool but also $ on UNC to win it all

I have an extra $112 from FUJB that belongs to a different winner.  I think it makes the most sense to send it to pump today.  

Factoring in the money already sent to me , this makes sense imo ...

Det Fan sends 154 to Arby

Cheese 36 to Arby

Cheese 76 to Pump

FUJB 132 to Pump

Penguin 234 to pump

OUKurt 396 to Pump

OUKurt 14 to T$


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