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NCAA quarter draft - getting the band back together (1 Viewer)

I like to check in on these to give me a good idea of who to pick in my office league.  I have no idea what is going on here but I would appreciate it if you could hurry up :)

Also, if you are pretty good at this and don't mind sharing, please send me a PM with your cheat sheet (I absolutely promise not to share with anyone).  I've made the money 4 out of 7 years with 2 wins in the office using some of the picks here and the .75 bracket as guidelines of teams to target.

Right after I take Virginia :lmao:  
I figure they either play a Virginia team that can't practice all week or they get Louisville as a replacement

Ohio can shoot and if they get up by 8-10 the ghost of UMBC may creep into their heads

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