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Advice for Internet money leagues (1 Viewer)

Kwai Chang Caine

Hey guys so I've been in a home league for over 20 years and I think I'm interested in trying my hand at a moderately priced by-in league of about $100. Does anybody have any recommendations for what is a good league to try e.g. CBS, fan duel, WCOFF etc.


CBS has one of the worst payout structures that I have seen. You are going to have to shop around and figure out what league format you want to play in. Read the rules for FFPC, rtsports, NFFC, fanduel, and phantom and figure out which one sounds most fun to you.

They all have options around the $100 range. I personally like the FFPC. RTSports runs the FFPC leagues, but they have leagues of their own as well.

Your other option is to go to the looking for leagues forum and get in with some random people off this board (and/or others) You will most likely get the best payout options by doing this. Be careful to make sure your money goes to leaguesafe.com or a similar money holding site to prevent fraud.

Good Luck.

Yahoo Pro Leagues have $20, $100, and $250 options with only a 10% rake. I play in a few every year and can say in the most humble way possible that the competition is often soft. Especially regarding the waiver wire.

The biggest problems i have with these leagues are:

1. They are only 10 teams. This makes it tougher because there are so many stacked teams at the draft. It seems like every league has a team that hits on a few picks, stays healthy, and coasts to the playoffs with limited waiver moves.

2. No PPR option. I'm not a PPR nazi, but it would be a nice option.

3. No flex. Combined with the 10 teams, there is too much depth available for the weaker managers.

If anyone is jonesin' to draft, you should join the "Eagles" league found in the below link.


Draft time is tonight at 9:30 PM EST and the league still needs 8 more team owners (10 team league). It's $49.95 and draft only - so once you draft tonight, no other maintenance is needed.

So just to make sure you're joining the one I'm in, look for the following:

Game: Draft Masters

Entry: $49.95

Draft Time: Sun July 07, 9:30 PM ET

Slots Open: 8 (as of now)

Rules: High Stakes

Name: Eagles

Description: All Out

Can't believe Phenoms has not been mentioned yet. It is owned by a poster here, Unlucky, and has a lot of FBG players. Leagues in many different formats mainly at $50 and $100, but some higher stakes are available, too. I like the Omega 72 team leagues.


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I've been tempted to try phenoms. The omega leagues look good. I've just been hesitant due to not being a big/well known site(don't want to get burned).

I've been tempted to try phenoms. The omega leagues look good. I've just been hesitant due to not being a big/well known site(don't want to get burned).
Unlucky is as legit as they get. I've been playing his leagues since they were the Greek Leagues, precursor to Phenoms.

Did anyone join the league I linked eariler?

Either way, for anyone who is bored and would like to follow along with our draft starting in 5 minutes, here's the league homepage:

Go to the "League" tab and from there select "Draft". I'm guessing you can watch as a guest, not completely sure. My team is Octopoda.

QBs are a dime a dozen. QB

Aaron Rodgers, GB4.6
Drew Brees, NO5.9
Peyton Manning, Den7.2
Cam Newton, Car7.4
Tom Brady, NE7.10
Matt Ryan, Atl8.2
Andrew Luck, Ind8.4
Russell Wilson, Sea8.5
Colin Kaepernick, SF8.7
Robert Griffin, Was8.8
Matthew Stafford, Det8.9
Tony Romo, Dal12.1
Andy Dalton, Cin12.8
Eli Manning, NYG12.10 Josh Freeman, TB
Matt Schaub, Hou14.3
Philip Rivers, SD14.4
Carson Palmer, Ari14.5
Ben Roethlisberger, Pit15.1
Jay Cutler, Chi18.2
Sam Bradford, StL18.8
Joe Flacco, Bal

18.10 Michael Vick, Phi


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