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Anyone know if Sherman will lock on a specific NYG receiver? If so, wh (1 Viewer)

Judge Smails

Haven't followed Seahawks D to the point if Sherman just takes a side, locks up on a top receiver, etc? Will he take the biggest physical receiver (Nicks), go to Cruz in the slot, or just cover a side? Trying to determine if Cruz has any shot to do damage this week...

Seriously doubt he covers the slot. Doesnt mean cruz wont be pathetic as usual. Im looking for other options. What a disaster of a season hes had

I'm wondering the same thing. I haven't seen Sherman play much this year so I don't know if he covers the #1 all over the field or sticks to one side. I'm debating on whether to sit Cruz and put either Burleson or Rodgers--Colts in my lineup. The biggest problem I see with starting Cruz is that I don't think Eli is going to have anytime to throw. Seattle will be in the backfield as soon as the ball is snapped.

There's a thread asking this for almost every game. He doesn't follow any receiver, he stays on the left side. The only exception has been week 2 when Browner was out and Sherm asked to cover Boldin to try and match the physicality of the WR since Thurmond isn't as big. They haven't done so yet with this round of no Browner. I doubt they will this week either. Maxwell's been playing well.


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