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anyone rolling with Denarius Moore? (1 Viewer)


SD Chargers...

week 1 gave up 12 catches, 146 yards to #1 wr..andre johnson

week 2 gave up 9 catches, 193 yards and 1 td to #1 wr desean jackson

week 3 gave up 8 catches, 131 yards to #1 wr nate washington

week 4 gave up 6 catches, 81 yards and 2 tds to #1 wr dez

Megaton injury forced me to choose between Moore and Wallace. Though Wallace is having a really nice game, I just feel that Moore and Pryor have a bit of a connection. Moore's had 2 really good games in a row (really good as far as oak is concerned) and will hopefully continue the trend this week. My projection:

6rec 104yds 1td


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