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***Baltimore at Tennessee +3.5(54.5)*** (1 Viewer)


Then they'll get molly-whopped by the Bills.

(I really can't see the Browns, with all their players/coaches out this week, beating the Steelers. But, who knows... Steelers have been pretty underwhelming the past 5 or 6 weeks.)
You're probably right. But there might be a 5% chance of beating KC, like 30% chance of beating buffalo.  



Congrats Ravens 

Shutting down the NFLs top rusher was huge
That, and Tannehill not being able to use the TEs or brown as well as they should. Or Davis.

Looking forward to honey badger spying Lamar next week*



The emotions are real and natural, so you have to put these matchups into perspective. Anyways, congrats Ravens, that was a well deserved victory. That D was swarming, and their tackling was spot on.



GroveDiesel said:
That’s what Henry does to a defense. If you don’t play run first he’ll rush for 200 yards in you. If you do, and Tannehill has a good day, you’re in trouble.

What you have to do is hope that Tannehill’s shortcomings, like that weak armed out that was incomplete on 3rd down, gives you enough stops for your offense to win the game. 

It’s possible to stop the Henry but you need to sell out to do it and hope that Tannehill doesn’t have one of his 3 or 4 tremendous games a year and try not to turn the ball over. It’s what Buffalo did earlier this year and they turned the ball over and Tannehill played out of his mind and the Bills got crushed. Ravens did it today and Tannehill came up short.


Ministry of Pain

Lisa Salters: "Lamar...tell me...What is it...Lamar what is it feel like to win a playoff game?"

Lamar Jackson: "It feel good, I'm happy we got it done, all phases play great"



Yeah, Peters running his mouth on the way to the locker room.

I don't think these two teams care for the other.
It's funny in a way. Titans seem to have a much more significant hatred for the Steelers and Ravens than they do within the division.  

Probably because the teams, and coaches, are fairly similar. 



Living Slackmaster
Ravens setting themselves up to be the most hated team in the league, god I hope they get to play Pittsburgh again


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