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Bengals and Chiefs (1 Viewer)

I mean, dear lord how do you stop Hunt? So good. 

I wonder if any of the Hunt haters from last year are watching this & maybe ready to admit the dude is pretty good.  :shrug:

Before CC references it again, I’d just like to say that throwing a football with your non dominate arm isn’t that difficult. Go ahead and @ me. 

That'll get overturned, but props to Mahomes for trying to hurry them to run a play quickly. I see young QBs all the time with their head up their asses duncing around to run a play with the prior play is one that could be overturned (if the flag is thrown). 

Burfict just HAD to twist Ware's leg when he was clearly already on the ground....
It looked worse in slow motion replay than real time. I just watched it again - that wasn’t a dirty play. The runner was twisting in Burfict’s grip - he didn’t “twist ware’s leg” - ware tried to run out of the tackle and Burfict didn’t let go. 

I think y’all are starting to see dirty play where there ain’t. 

Dont worry - Burfict does enough shady crap already. 

I say this as a Bengals fan, I hate the Bengals.
Seems like it’s even harder when they’ve shown flashes of greatne-er, good-ness. 

I thought they were a team on the rise - I’m sure fans did too. It has to be even harder since they just can’t seem to keep it together. 

Mixon, Boyd, !AJ Green - man, that’s a lot of talent. Solid defensive players too.


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