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BETA Testers needed for Mobile Draft Dominator (1 Viewer)

I'm willing to help out again this year. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and a Toshiba Thrive.

I did test the apps last year and found some bugs while doing so. I'll happily be a beta tester again.

Thanks, Dave

I would definitely be interested. I helped test the Draft GM app last year and was able to report a couple of issues. I have used the Draft Dominator for many years and know how it is supposed to function in all aspects of the app. I have knowledge on the football aspect and the functional aspect of the Draft Dominator.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android 4.3

I tested last yr and sent screenshots and all. Interested. I have android nexus 4, nexus 10 tablet and newest nexus 7 tablet

Hi footballguys,

I tested last year's product and I remember that I found a couple of bugs and sent you guys some screencap/videos. If selected, I plan to test the crap out of the app and deliver quality bug reports as I did last year.

I can test on the following devices.

Ipad 1
Ipad 2
Kindle fire HD tablet.
samsung galaxy S3 tablet.

I have a professional background in software development. If you need more info about my qualifications I can email them to you. Thanks!

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I currently using a Samsung Tab 3 tablet and an HTC One M8 phone and would like to participate in the Beta testing.

I participated last year as well and looking forward to improvements and added features for this years app. I've also used draft dominator for several years as well. I will run it extensively again and provide feedback.

Ipad, Iphone4s

I've used the DD for as long as I can remember. I play in Draftmasters format, so I'd look at it from this perspective. I'll be curious to see if/how user ADP is attained, along with customized scoring and lineup formats. I'd also like to see how we can utilize the "notes" section to maximize DM and QBBC, RBBC, etc. pairings. I run hundreds of mocks each year to prepare for the live FFPC events in Vegas.

I've used this software to help me win back-to-back high stakes DM leagues in the FFPC.

Whoever is chosen, I hope you consider the points I mentioned above.

I would love to be considered.

I am a web developer by trade and have also developed mobile apps for the Android platform. I can test on the following Android platforms:

  • HTC One (m7) - Google Play Edition, KitKat 4.4
  • HTC One XL - Android 4.2
  • Motorola Atrix - Android 2.3 (if you need an older phone/OS tested)
  • Samsung Galaxy S - Android 2.3 (if you need an older phone/OS tested)
I could also potentially get my hands on new Samsung devices, Nexus tablet, and iOS devices. I hestitate to promise specific devices as they are not mine to promise (at my work) but I can almost guarantee that if needed, I could also test on some of those devices.

I am quite familiar with Draft Dominator as well, I have used it for quite a few seasons in a row for my own drafting as well as used it for my "big board" and countdown clock for our draft party when I used to run a league (ended a few years ago).

Being a web and mobile developer, I am quite familiar with the QA process and both finding and reporting bugs. Thanks for your consideration.


Been a user of all your programs for the past 4/5 years and am a big fan. Don't have a background in IT but can offer the feedback as the everyday fan and a core base (mid 30's, long time FF player).

Been running a 16+ year auction league that is a keeper/dynasty hybrid filled with sharks.

Have an iphone 5s and Ipad mini

Would just love to give back in any way I can to a site that gives me a lot of enjoyment.


I would do it. I use iphone5. Am a longtime (like 7-10 yrs longtime, maybe more) FBG subscriber and have been using DD for PC for last several years. My main fantasy league has been around since the mid 90s with essentially the same owners group and the same traveling trophy. So I compete against very experienced, knowledable and enthusiastic owners. I am the only 4 time champ in league history. In addition, I usually go very deep into the FBG subscribers contest.

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Interested. Currently using Iphone 5 and Macbook Air. Have been a longtime subscriber and beta tester before.

I would love to try the new Mobile Draft Dominator. I have been playing FF for 15 years, been using the Draft Dominator for around 7-8 of those years, and have been a subscriber for the last three years. I use a Samsung Note 3 and a Nexus 7.

Would love to participate in testing for Draft Dominator and FBG Magazine. Long-time subscriber and commissioner of a 10 year-running league. Used both apps last year, to much success and planned to download again this year.

Would be able to test on 2nd generation iPad and iPhone 5s.

Think I would be a valuable add to the testing team because I spent 9 years working in NYC advertising, with much of that time working on app development, user experience, information architecture and overall mobile usability. Have participated in testing for multiple apps across most platforms. Hope you'll consider me!


iPhone 5, iPad


Footballguys subscriber since 2003. :-)

Played Fantasy Football since 1998.

I have used the VBD app, Projections Dominator, Draft Dominator and Lineup Dominator for as many years as the software has been around.

I work in the IT field and have developed apps and work with databases.

I would love to be a Beta Tester for this app.

I live in a home with several roommates and can test on -

Galaxy S4, S3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, Acer tablet

Why I would be a good fit to be a tester -

I literally do hundreds of mock drafts every year before football. I work as a software tester for my company. I am familiar with the kinds of bugs that may come up with this app and will test the hell out of it.


Devices: Samsung S4 and Samsung Tab 8". I have an old HTC incredible 2 I could resurrect if you need to look at older devices.

Looking forward to improvements in the mobile app for 2014! I'm a technical project manager by trade, so I'm comfortable with testing process and communications. To be honest, I've been a little disappointed with the current app, so I'd love to have the chance to provide some input on the planned enhancements/improvements. I've been in FFL for at least 15 years, a subscriber for several years, and usually participate in 2-4 leagues each year including one that I'm commissioner in. I usually use the VBD XLS with some modifications as my primary tool, along with some of your online content and SOS data.

It always seems that I'm doing at least 1 draft every year from the road, so I'd love to have access to your tools remotely so I don't have to lug around my laptop! Thanks.

I would be honored to BETA test your apps.

I used your Draft Dominator last year, and it set me up beautifully.

I can test on the following:

iPad air

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P

LG Viper

I am a 10 year fantasy football player, and I am the commisioner on 6 leagues for the last 8 years.

I recently began playing Daily football leagues and MFL 10 leagues.

I commision 1 dynasty league in its 2nd year, and am an owner in 2 others.

Look forward to hearing from you. Either way expect me to purchase your apps on the Android Play store this year for sure.

-Jorge C

iPad 2 (ios7) Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Android 4.4.2) reply myfantasytime@yahoo.com

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Tech Junkie, with every device imaginable. Would be willing to test on multiple devices.


galaxy note 3

galaxy note 2

iPhone 5


galaxy note tablet

I am available to test the program on an iphone 4s. I have countless hours available to me and have been a key player at my work in BETA testing different software we have created. I will find bugs because I won't stop trying every configuration allowable until I do. My roommates have other platforms that I can utilize as well. I've been a fantasy football player for over 10 years and commissioner of a family league recently. My focus as a player is to always find information that nobody else is privy too and using it to my advantage. My focus as a commissioner is configuring the league settings to allow for the most fair and balanced league scoring system that best reflects the individual or team production.

I would appreciate a chance to be a BETA tester for Football Guys and pay back (even just a little) for all of the advice and league victories you have helped me win.

Would love to help out.

Devices: iPhone 5,iPad (the new one). Can also get my hands on a iPhone 3GS and 4 if you want me to! "Borrowing from my son"

Experience: I am a math teacher so very detailed oriented. Have worked at dell computers and was in charge of testing their online ordering system and other internal systems testing and reviews. Basically was in charge of trying to break the systems.

Unique note is that I now live in the UAE so I can help with other issues of connectivity and timing issues.

Have used the drafting app for the last 4 years and have 3 Super Bowl titles and a runner up.

Addicted to FBG!

Would love to Beta test DD and FBG mag. I have an iphone4 and iPad mini.

I belong to a handful of leagues, each with different roster and scoring rules. Some that are quite unique and will challenge the abilities of the DD. The DD is what convinced me to become a FBG member, I love the program and would be honored to put the next gen to the test. I have become more and more addicted to fantasy football the last couple years, so much so I actually paid attention to the NFL draft last week (never before). Spending time every day prepping for my drafts already in May. I would provide as much feedback as possible if you select me as a tester. Thanks

I can test on an iPad 4, iPhone 4S, Sony Xperia and a Blackberry z10.

I have been using the Draft Dominator since it's inception and I have been a member of the street team in the past.


iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPad 4


I've been an IT Systems Administrator for over 7 years and in the field for 15. I've been involved with testing in other iOS photography apps. I've followed you guys since the old cheatsheet.net days and been a subscriber since the beginning. I'm in multiple dynasty, one year, and daily FF leagues. I am the commissioner of several leagues because of my technical expertise. I use Draft Dominator (iOS and PC), Projections Dominator, Lineup Dominator, Trade Dominator, and the VBD Excel spreadsheets every year. I'd love to give back and help you guys out. Thanks for the consideration.

Stealing a previous format looking forward to testing the new app

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Asus Nexus 7
10+ years IT experience and Lead Systems Analyst for online software for a Fortune 500 company
10 yrs playing Fantasy Football, including commissioner of many leagues
Have used all of FBG's software in the past as well as competitors, especially Draft apps
Subscriber to FBG

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I am an avid fantasy football player. I draft multiple teams every year across multiple formats and I do way to many mocks. I do snake, auction, keeper, trying to find a dynasty league, and try to do non standard scoring as much as possible. I log entirely too many hours doing draft analysis and preparing for my leagues. I have never used any of your apps, but I love technology, and given the opportunity to beta test I'd milk every ounce I could out of them.


iPhone 5

Ipad (4th Gen)

I can commandeer my gf's ED's too if it helps (iPhone 5s and iPad mini (2nd Gen)

Beta tested last year

Ipad 3


probably near the top for submitting IT help desk tickets at my company

In a standard PPR redraft and a keeper league with unique scoring

Commissioner of a fun redraft league where the app will be used for "commissioner picks", about half the league. League had well balanced standings last year so Ipad app predicted VBD quite well overall.

Subscriber - used the FBG software for PCs


I would absolutely love to test this app. I'm new to the forum but have been around Fantasy Football for years.

I own an HTC One XL

I root my own phone and am constantly adding and developing for it. While I have never tested an app for y'all I have tested many BETA apps and am a registered user on xda developers website where I regularly signup and test BETA versions of new apps.


Aloha Football Guys,

I would love to help you test the new app. I loved it last year and used it almost exclusively to build my 3 fantasy teams. I can't wait to help you guys make it even better and more user friendly this year.

I can test on the iPhone 5s and the iPad Air, so we can be sure to have the app cooking on the most current devices.

I would be a great choice to help you guys test as I have been testing and breaking apps for Makemi Software since 2009. If there is on thing I can do it is bang on and find the bug in an app, not only that but I love football and FootballGuys! I would love few things more than being able to help make sure the app that helps me dominate also dominates! I want to help you Guys as much as you've helped, "$Money$, "Ye Olde Donkey Fisters", and "The Korean Nipple Snatchers". I look forward to the opportunity to bang and break your app and as always, Viva Los Broncos!!!


Bryon Matsuno

Good morning!

I would be more than happy to assist in your testing on the Android side of the house. I have an HTC One and a Asus/Google Nexus 7 within inches of me at all times.

As far as my credentials go, I have been an avid FFL owner for 17 years. Ah, the good old days of in person live drafts and paper everything! I enjoy all kinds of leagues from Keepers to Salary to Auctions. Also, my professional experience in IT and applications is extremely useful. I have implemented apps, written test scripts, executed the scripts, assisted with some configuration enhancements, and have supported apps to maintain their reliability.

Lastly, I have been a loyal subscriber for the last 3 years and would love to help you squash the competition. Your insights and tools are phenomenal and I would love to see them thrive.

Best of luck!

I'd love to help beta test your app. I've only been playing fantasy football for about 5 years now, but I've got a ton of teams, last season I had 13 teams among a variety of formats, dynasty, keeper, redraft, IDP, PPR, standard scoring, 2 qbs, and did fairly well. I haven't been able to subscribe to your site yet, due to financial issues, but am definitely going to be subscribing this year.

I'm currently a QA tester for a mobile game company, so I have a good amount of experience testing apps on mobile devices, and write great bug reports. I also check fantasy football news about 50 times a day, so I'd be using your app quite a bit. I've personally got access to a Motorola X running android 4.4, a galaxy tab 10 running android 4.2, and an ipad air running iOS 7.

FBG Team,

I would love to test the apps again this year! Had fun doing it last year.

My Qualifications:

- 15+ years in FF

- Use the all the current website/apps you have to offer

- Tested the apps last year

- Love doing mocks

- In several different FF Leagues

- Love picking apart things that seem wrong or don't look correct

My Devices

- Droid RAZR

- Ipad, Ipad3

- Samsung Galaxy S4

I would really like to be able to Beta Test again for you guys this year.

My Qualifications:

-Commissioner of an extensive IDP league w/ Keepers

-Manager in 5 additional leagues

-Beta Tester for you the previous year - I was constantly emailing back-and-forth with the Dev team especially regarding the AI for drafting IDP

My Devices:


-Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.0

-Apple iPad Gen1

-Apple iPhone 4s

I really look forward to helping if it all possible.


HI I am an advid player however i have played mostly on the major sports sites ie yahoo, cbs, nfl, etc. I have also over the past few years tried many apps and am ready to move into new options to dominate my leagues. I compete for money and do well. My moblie devices are as follows:

Iphone 5

Ipad 2

I am happy to give you any more info that you want and wont quit on project. :)


Hi. I'd be interested in the beta testing.

Devices: iPhone5, iPad (first gen), Kindle Fire HDX

Bring to the team: been enjoying FF since the paper and pen days of the mid 90s. Avid consumer of anything FBG (Draft GM and FBG apps, Draft/Trade Dominator applications, subscriber contest, scouting reports, podcasts, etc.). I'd love to help make FBG-related products even better.

Thanks for the consideration.


Devices: iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone5s

As soon as this app was released last year I spent hours and hours every single day and night (including a week at the beach, which the wife was ticked about) mocking it up with 6 different league settings. 11 different teams, keepers mixed in everywhere, rankings tweaks, you name it. I also discovered a handful of keeper bugs last year throughout my mocks. If you want someone to push this app beyond its limits, I'm your guy.

I have an iphone 4, an ipad 2 and a Samsung note 3 so I can do ios or android.

I have used draft dominator for years

I have used rotowires baseball draft app which I thought was phenomenal and will be happy to compare to draft dominator.

ETA: Only Hulk and B Deep have more posts than me in this thread. Time at this place should matter imo

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Devices I can test on:

- iPhone 4
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 5
- iPad 3
- iPad Air
- Samsung Google Nexus

My shop's test devices:

- HTC One (M7)
- HTC One (M8)
- HTC One S

What I bring


- 7 years software engineering experience
- 2 years mobile/responsive web UI development experience
- 2 years UX (focusing on product usability)
- 2 years product management (current)
- 11 years FFL experience! (Combined 21 seasons)
- 8 years Draft Dominator experience (Windows)

Usability testing and product management experience for a mobile web product line with over half a million users (PM'd details)
I'd be super interested to try out beta testing as well, I always love messing around and trying to break new software and apps, so much so that this finally pushed me to register for the forums.

Devices - Samsung Galaxy S3 - SPH-L710, rooted and modded with CyanogenMod ver.10.2.0, Android version 4.3.1, Samsung Galaxy S4 - SCH-I545, unmodded running Android OS v4.4.2, as well as a Kindle Fire modded to dual boot to stock Kindle Fire OS as well as CyanogenMod ver.7

Qualifications - I've built, tested, and modded apps using Android Developer Tool. I've got extensive knowledge in software and hardware modding of android devices and cyanogenmod, as well as Java programming and a background in QA testing. I used the draft dominator app last season for the first time and found it really useful but also had lots of areas for improvement.

I would be able to test the beta on multiple iPad generations (both iOS 5.1.1 and latest iOS versions), iPhone 5s, and Nexus 7 (Android 4.4.2 KitKat).

I work on a digital support team for magazine publishers with these devices at my disposal. I'm not formally trained in any sort of programming but am quite familiar with testing and troubleshooting mobile applications. I have lots of time on my hands and would be more than willing to channel that to locating bugs within your apps. I loved last years draft app and hope I can help make this one better!

Would be glad to help out. Like most folks here, avid FF player for well over a decade. Both Apple & Android devices. Used both apps last year, etc, etc. Not a developer, just an average Joe with a phone and an iPad.

I've been playing fantasy football since 1985 and have been a Football Guys subscriber and Draft Dominator user since 2001. I also use Trade and Lineup Dominator. I currently use DD in three different leagues with three completely unique scoring systems and run multiple mock drafts annually for each league. I regularly tweak VBD baselines and projections to analyze mock draft impacts. I am detail oriented and very analytical and will thoroughly analyze and test the mobile DD. I head Financial, Planning and Analysis for my company and have been known to put the anal into analysis. I hope to have the opportunity to test this app.


iPhone 5s

iPad (4th Gen)

I tested last year, and really enjoyed it.

Would happy to do it again.



playing fantasy football since 1989

Commish since 1991

Electrical engineer

Fan of fbg

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Would love to help out here. I am an IT professional that has been using your service for over 5 years. Can do it for the iPhone 5, iPad (original and latest) and Galaxy 3.

Thanks for the opportunity.


Love to participate in helping Footballguys conquer all other apps!

Devices: iPad 2, iPhone 5s

Qual: used Draft Dominator for several years and did several independent tests between DD and the 2013 FBG app, and even convinced friends in various leagues to buy the app. Participate in multiple leagues with different scoring systems and vastly different draft strategies, so I run a ton of mock drafts. I'm a control system design engineer with a passion for streamlining functions by focusing on the highest value items.

I would be happy to be a Beta tester for my favorite FF site. I have 13 years of fantasy football experience. What sets me apart from the pack is that I AM your customer base. I am an average schmo who loves fantasy football and loves getting an edge over the competition. I have no programming or app building experience but I am exactly who uses your app, so you need my input. I have used your dominator apps for the past few years and used them so much my iPad started smoking.

I have an iPhone 3G, iPad and Commodore 64.


Hello Football Guys,

Last year I was a Beta tester for y'all and would love to do it again. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3, I have yet to upgrade. Last year I sent in a few bugs on your mobile app. Also, I have used the draft dominator in the past and I am very familar with it. BTW, I won my league for the second time in 3 years and have already renewed my suscription with you for next year. I have found the information that I receive from the Football Guys has helped me dominate!


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