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Brian Westbrook - OUT, Inactive (SNF) (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Brian Westbrook RB Ankle Did Not Participate In Practice Questionable

Post any relevant injury news here.

Please note that this is not a who do I start thread regarding this player.

Any posts not relating to the latest injury news will be deleted

Please go to the assistant coach forum if you have a lineup decision to make.

John Clayton just reported that Westbrook is the most questionable of all the players they were asking him about. He noted that Westbrook has not been able to practice all wekk and is still in a lot of pain. Clayton said that Westbrook will test his ankle out before the game and that is when a decision will be made. Lastly, he added that he didn't see Westbrook having a strong game even if he played because of the severity of the pain.

Source: ESPN/John Clayton

The Delaware County Times believes it would take a "dramatic recovery" for Brian Westbrook (ankle, questionable) to play on Sunday Night Football.

Owners that have Correll Buckhalter as a handcuff can afford to wait it out with Westbrook, but those that don't need to use safer options if they play early Sunday. If we had to guess, we'd say Westbrook's chances of facing the Bears are about 20-30 percent. And even that might be too optimistic.

Source: Delaware County Times

ESPN's John Clayton reports that Brian Westbrook's ankle is still "really bothering him" and Westbrook might not have a good game even if he's active Sunday.

And Westbrook is no lock to play in the first place. The Eagles have three capable ball-carrying alternatives in FB Tony Hunt, No. 2 runner Correll Buckhalter, and third-down back Lorenzo Booker. With a intradivision matchup with the Redskins on the docket for Week 5, Philly could hold Westbrook out in hopes of having him at near full strength in the more important game.


Philly injury updates.

Westbrook is likely out, as WASH is a bigger game and they'll keep him out for next week.

McNabb will start in his home town of CHI.

KCurtis getting better, could be back next week.

Reg Brown likely to play some but not a huge factor. Hard to say about him.

LJ Smith likely out, so if you need a TE consider sleeper Brent Celek.


For those still hoping....

Westbrook (ankle) is inactive for Sunday's game against the Bears.

Spin: Correll Buckhalter will get the start, with Lorenzo Booker likely to figure in as well, to a lesser degree.

RotoWire | Sun, September 28

I can't decide between Buckhalter, McGahee or McLain. I am thinking Buck as I'm thinking the Bears decide to let them run to try to stop the pass.

I can't decide between Buckhalter, McGahee or McLain. I am thinking Buck as I'm thinking the Bears decide to let them run to try to stop the pass.
I think McGahee is questionable also. I personaly would go with Buckhalter. I know this belongs in a different forum, but what the heck I figured I would answer it...
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Yep, sorry. Thinking out loud more than anything else...
I know I just saw you threw it out there so I wanted to answer it, but just wanted to make it clear that I know it should be in a different forum. (Not that it bothers me though as I feel that forum is hard to get answers on)

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