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Bucs QB Brian Griese to be released... (1 Viewer)




I realize that many of us knew this would happen, but I find it somewhat interesting to know that they plan on re-signing him. I can't say I disagree with this move, as Griese as a starter is adequate at best, but Griese as a backup is maybe the best in the league (next to maybe Daunte Culpepper :lmao: )

Also, a bit of background on the author of this article, Rick Stroud, while he is pretty good about reporting the facts, he has shown a very prevalent bias against Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden. So take any inferences from this article with that in mind.

TAMPA - The Bucs determined the best way to keep Brian Griese is to release him.

The veteran quarterback is owed a $2.6-million roster bonus the first day of the league year, which was delayed again until 12:01 a.m. Saturday. The deadline for waiver moves is 6 p.m. today.

Releasing Griese would save the Bucs about $4.5-million in salary cap space, a procedural move that is necessary to restructure his contract.

Agent Ralph Cindrich said he had begun talks with general manager Bruce Allen.

"Now's the time to move if we're going to get it done," Cindrich said. "There have been no statements on our part as to wanting to test free agency. There is a contract in place that can be made cap friendly."

Griese, who turns 31 this month, led the Bucs to a 5-1 start before tearing knee ligaments in Week 6 against the Dolphins. He is expected to be ready for training camp in time to compete with Chris Simms, who signed a one-year, $2.1-million tender last week.

The Bucs also are believed to be close to re-signing fullback Mike Alstott, who is scheduled to become a free agent after having the final three years of his contract voided.

With $7.5-million added to the salary cap, the Bucs figure to be active in free agency. Thursday, the Bucs received a visit from Titans left tackle Brad Hopkins. No offer has been made and Hopkins, 35, who is entering his 14th season, is scheduled to meet with the Falcons today.

The Bucs also have expressed interest in Rams receiver Isaac Bruce, who was released in a cost-cutting move. Bruce, 33, played in 11 games last season and caught 36 passes for 525 yards and three touchdowns.

The Bucs are looking for a second or third receiver opposite Joey Galloway.

DEAL DISSENT: Bengals president Mike Brown, one of two owners (with Buffalo's Ralph Wilson) to vote against the new labor agreement, thinks the deal is bad for his small-market team.

"Economically, this is a very good deal for the players, it's a good deal for the high-revenue clubs, (but) it's a challenging deal for the low-revenue clubs," Brown said. "We didn't feel it was in the best interest of our team financially."

PATRIOTS: Linebacker Willie McGinest was released in a salary cap move after 12 years with the team.

Information from other news organizations was used in this report.
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Griese should test the waters before signing or re-signing anywhere. If Ramsey and McCown can be considered for starting gigs - so can Griese

Griese Let Go By Bucs



TAMPA - Quarterback Brian Griese was among the players let go by the Bucs today as they gained compliance with the 2006 salary cap.

Attempts to rework a contract that would have counted $7.08 million against the cap fell short, but the agent for Griese said he remains hopeful his client will still spend the 2006 season in Tampa Bay.

''They have a proposal from us and we'll get with them tomorrow and pick it up from there,'' agent Ralph Cindrich said. ''It's unfortunate we have to go this way, but being comfortable, liking the coaches is important to Brian and he has that [in Tampa], so we'll see what happens.''

Also expected to be cut by the Bucs were linebacker Jeff Gooch and guard Matt Stinchcomb.

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