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Bucs vs Panthers - Week 9 (1 Viewer)

Samuel ran about 80 yards for a 33 yard TD - not a lot of resistance from the Bucs

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errr McCaffrey stepped out there, no? Looked like some of the dirt he kicked up came from the out of bounds area.

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Put your hand up if you thought the panthers would have 4 rushing tds in the first half

This game killed me...I have newton and they have no reason to throw

Bye bye Dirk... you know when you go for it? When you can win the game... not when you’re about to be fired you ####### clown.

“The percentages say you should go for it almost every time,” Koetter said. “We’ve studied the analytics on it and the problem with looking at it like that – those are all looking at all fourth downs over the course of the season. You might get three in a row, but if I don’t get it in this particular game, we might be losing, and I might be out of here. We’ve got a plan for every game. We have a plan for the season and then we do an analytical plan based on the team we’re playing. There’s analytic number that tell you what to do on every play, but this game isn’t played by computers. It’s combination there – you’ve got to make decisions in real time and not look back.”

Great catch by Olsen...needed that as I sat Kittle with that QB situation ...and am playing against McCaffrey.

Fitz can't keep taking these hits... you're happy with his numbers in garbage time if you're a Fitz owner but he's taken some massive shots.

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All these experts pumping up DJ Moore. Looked promising early on, but in the end, much ado about nothing. Gee thanks.


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