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Buffalo slot reciever (1 Viewer)


Who is playing out of the slot for Buffalo the most these days? I thought it was SJ, but with talk and worry of Revis island this week? Does Revis play slot receivers that much?

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Been wondering the same thing. Apparently the Bucs have gotten killed by slot WRs this year, so it could be a good match-up, but I find it hard to fathom the Bucs sticking Revis on one of the other mediocre Buffalo WRs for the whole game. My guess is either he covers SJ or they don't use him exclusively in man-to-man. But that's just speculation.

Of course, it's also not a sure thing Revis even plays, and even if he does, he's not the same shutdown CB he was a couple years ago. But I'd still rather not have Johnson going up against him.

Will be curious to see what leaks out this week.

Stevie has owned Revis in the past. He's too quick off the line for Revis to stick to him. I'm not saying he'll be a WR1 or anything this week, but with a chip on his shoulder I can see him having a pretty solid game.


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