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Calhoun or Drew? (1 Viewer)

Who would you draft in a dynasty league?

  • Maurice Drew, Jacksonville

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  • Brian Calhoun, Detroit

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My college draft is going to start on Monday. Based on where I'm picking, I'm probably looking at either Maurice Drew or Brian Calhoun. Who would you rather have in a dynasty league? Both probably are NOT starting from day one next year, but each Fred Taylor and KJ have questions. Anyway, what do you think?

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I own Taylor in a dynasty league and KJ in a keeper league...

Without analyzing each of Calhoun and Drew individually, I personally see the JAX RB situation as the better one for a rookie to come in and get significant playing time/touches. But this is a tough call to make, long-term. I guess I'd have to go with Drew... as I think KJ will get it together in DET this year and could be good for a few years.

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