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Carson Palmers knee (1 Viewer)


Im surprised this doesn't get more attention.

from Draftsharks

** We recently talked to Bengals beat writer Mark Curnutte of the Cincinnati Enquirer about Carson Palmer’s knee injury. Curnutte is an excellent journalist who has his finger on the pulse of that football team. Palmer suffered a torn ACL & MCL in the playoff loss to Pittsburgh, along with damaged cartilage and a dislocated kneecap –- which resulted in major reconstructive surgery just 8 months before the 2006 opener. His surgeon, Dr. Lonnie Paulos, spooked everyone when he called the injury “devastating and potentially career-ending” among other dramatic remarks. So we asked Curnutte for his take. “It is a serious injury, obviously, so we'll see,” Curnutte said. “The honest answer is nobody really knows how long it's going to take. I don't think Carson himself knows, though he wants badly to be back for training camp. He wants to play, yet he is smart enough to take the long view of the process. He will not rush back, though he will do everything he can to get back asap.” We’ll note that Dr. Paulos mysteriously backtracked less than 24 hours after those doomsday comments: “I would consider this a typical ACL-MCL football injury. He's already rehabbing. He’s a stud. He'll be back in a few months.” The bottom line is, Palmer just signed a huge 6-year extension that guaranteed him $22 million dollars this year so team doctors will be cautious in granting medical clearance. He should make a full recovery but don’t be surprised if Palmer doesn’t get full-squad practice reps until late in the preseason.

So a beat reporter says he doesn't know how long Palmer will be out and offers the usual nearly-contradictory platitudes that Palmer "will not rush back" but "will do everything he can to get back asap"

What attention should we be paying to it?

What attention should we be paying to it?
There really is no reason to be posting in the shark pool at this time of the year unless you are hard up for entertainment, like myself.It is what it is. I could be reading up on the World Baseball Classic, but this hack-beat writer's opinion holds my attention more than the World Baseball Classic.

cliff note version: :shrug:
Maybe Palmer will be back for the start of next season, maybe he won't. No one knows, not even himself.That about sums up this story for the next few months. Carry on.

Not to sound snotty, but how is this news of any kind?
I'd say that at this time of the year, there is very little "news" around here.I appreciate articles like this one being brought out. As another poster mentioned, it beats everything else going on in sports now.

from Kirbsharks

** We recently talked to FBG poster Kirby about Dante Culpepper’s knee injury. He said that he thinks Dante hurt it and he could be back this season or next... or maybe never. He said he doesn't really know.. but is excited to get his name in the news. He also said we could ask him about all the other players injuries, and he will tell us he doesn't know anything about when they will be back also.**

This article was in this week's addition of the Sporting News. It does not sound good and probably wrecks the Bengals season next year.

HARD TRUTH: There's no way Palmer will be ready to take the first snap of the 2006 season. Not with two torn ligaments (ACL and MCL), a dislocated kneecap and cartilage damage in his left knee. Look for him to go on the Physically Unable to Perform list and miss at least the first six regular-season games. The best-case scenario would be to re-sign Kitna in free agency. His presence would make for a smooth transition because of his thorough knowledge of Bob Bratkowski's offense. Kitna is a tremendous leader and his teammates trust him. He wants an opportunity to start again and that's why he'll test the open market. If Kitna bolts, Bratkowski will have to simplify the offense for Krenzel and Johnson with the hope that they can weather the storm until Palmer returns.



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