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CBS Sportsline Processed blind bidding for waivers one day early (1 Viewer)

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My league on CBS has done its blind bidding waiver pickups late Wednesday night for the past 20 years.  We wake up each Thursday morning to see who we got.  I woke up today Wednesday morning to see that CBS sports line had already processed the picks from anyone who submitted early last night (Tuesday night).   We were able to put everyone back in the free agent pool and try again for tonight but what sucks is now knowing what everyone bid to win the player.  Like I feel like I am going to have to pay extra $ tonight to get the guys I really wanted.  Did anyone else who uses CBS experience this?  CBS took responsibility saying "Earlier today, transactions were processed in your league that were not in accordance with your league's transaction policy. Those moves have since been reversed so that waivers will process as originally scheduled." However it felt like we got hacked because one team dropped his starting TE for a kicker and the owner says he didn't submit that.  This is why I am wondering if this happened to any other leagues that use CBS.  Thank you. 



Yep happened in my league too. Then they doubled down on their mistake but putting everyone back in the free agency pool.



Happened in our league and the teams who's bid were revealed aren't happy about it.  But half the teams hadn't even put in their bids as of Tuesday night.  So at least CBS reversed all the transactions and the waivers will run as they should.  Sucks for everybody as the bids will be much higher than they would have been otherwise.


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