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Chandler Jones (1 Viewer)


What's up with him? He turned in a zero last week (week 11) and now Yahoo has him listed as Questionable. But I can't find any news at all about an injury.

He’s only not had a sack in like 2 games all year I think and he had like 5 straight with a sack. I can’t be pissed when a big play guy drops a goose egg on my week. I had Houston and Jones going and pulled Baker for Mcdougal at like 12:55, between the 3 I had like 15 and Baker had almost 29 by himself. Sometimes you make the wrong move and sometimes superstars have bad games. I think that’s what I like about FF, you gotta use your gut and and there are no sure things.

Jones played 100% of the defensive snaps in week 11. 


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