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Chris Herndon TE Jets (1 Viewer)

Yeah he is on my value-TE list for the 2nd year in a row now. Gimme a white star. I think I still like Blake Jarwin as a value pick, but now they're talking about resigning Witten again. I want to believe Ebron will land on his feet and could be fantasy relevant again. Right now you can get him around the same price as those two. I like Darnold to take a step forward this year, though, and I think Herndon can emerge.

ETA All three guys went in the 13th/14th round of one of those $35 FBG satellite best balls I did a week ago.

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The Athletic's Connor Hughes suggests the Jets "can’t wait to unleash Chris Herndon" this upcoming season.

"The team had sky-high expectations for their tight end entering last season, but a league-imposed suspension and injuries limited him to just one healthy quarter," Hughes writes. It's the second time Hughes has mentioned Herndon remaining a key piece of New York's offensive plans, recently lamenting "to say the Jets can’t wait to get Chris Herndon back in their lineup is a vast understatement." Herndon was an obvious breakout candidate after totaling 39/502/4 as a rookie (27/380/4 which came from Sam Darnold), but a soft tissue injury (and numerous setbacks) ultimately limited the 24-year-old to 18 snaps in his second year. He remains a bet-on-talent flier in any offseason Best-Ball and redraft leagues, as well as an underpriced option for Dynasty.

SOURCE: The Athletic

May 19, 2020, 12:03 PM ET

New York Daily News' Charles McDonald reports that Jets coach Adam Gase has big expectations for Chris Herndon.

Gase made his intentions crystal clear, stating "He's our starting tight end," in reference to Herndon. McDonald also noted that Herndon lined up as a slot receiver, outside receiver, and tight end. Herndon missed all but 18 snaps last year due to a slew of injuries. In 2018, Herndon caught 39 passes for 502 yards at the age of 22. Herndon is a dynamic athlete who makes for a great flier in the final rounds of Best-Ball and dynasty leagues.

SOURCE: New York Daily News

Aug 16, 2020, 2:18 PM ET

Love these kind of guys. Off everyone's radar because injuries but flashed big talent as a rookie. One of the best TE stashes out there. 

The Athletic's Connor Hughes reports Sam Darnold and TE Chris Herndon's chemistry has "blossomed" this summer. 

"With the issues at wideout, Darnold seems to throw to his tight end over and over again," Hughes observed. "If both parties stay healthy, they could be in store for a big season." Suspension and injury wrecked Herndon's 2019 after a promising rookie campaign, but his summer reports have been uniformly positive. Herndon is shaping up to be a major steal at his TE20-plus ADP. 

SOURCE: The Athletic 

Aug 25, 2020, 4:46 PM ET
The New York Daily News reports Chris Herndon "should be fine" after leaving Tuesday's practice with a chest injury. 

Tests apparently turned up some "irritation in Herndon's lungs." Per reporter Manish Mehta, Herndon "had difficulty breathing at times during practice." That doesn't exactly sound great, but it is better than a torn upper-body muscle. New information could emerge, but feel free to continue drafting Herndon as a TE2 with monster upside. 

SOURCE: Manish Mehta on Twitter 

Sep 1, 2020, 1:18 PM ET
Chris Herndon (chest) returned to practice Wednesday.

Herndon is fine after leaving Tuesday's practice for precautionary issues. It was described as more of a lungs problem. Herndon has enjoyed a fine summer after a lost 2019 season. Herndon is coming off the board as the TE18 in fantasy drafts but has a very real shot at top-12 numbers if he can just stay on the field in a Jets offense starving for pass-catchers.

SOURCE: Rich Cimini on Twitter

Sep 2, 2020, 12:09 PM ET

Chris Herndon caught 6-of-7 targets for 37 yards in the Jets' Week 1 loss to the Bills. 

It wasn't an impressive day for Herndon or the Jets' offense, but he at least came close to a 10-point day in PPR leagues. Herndon is going to be badly needed for targets in a dysfunctional offense that cannot be trusted to make plays on the outside. Herndon will probably land in the TE16-18 range for next week's tough matchup with the 49ers.

- Rotoworld

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Chris Herndon caught 1-of-4 targets for five yards in the Jets' Week 2 loss to the 49ers.

With the Jets in desperate need of a spark on offense, Herndon was nowhere to be found. They were without Le'Veon Bell, Jamison Crowder, and Denzel Mims, who were all out with hamstring injuries. His four targets were fourth on the team and behind the likes of Braxton Berrios, Josh Malone, and Chris Hogan. Herndon's inability to out-produce practice squad players versus San Francisco is concerning. He can be dropped for other streaming options at the tight end position going forward.

Sep 20, 2020, 5:29 PM ET

Been wasting a roster spot on this guy for years, seems like decades.

I think I'm done.
I've never seen the guy play but have been hearing for several years how great he was and what a difference maker he would be if he could stay healthy  With the Jets patchwork receiving corps this season I assumed that talent would flash, but it didn't, and  I certainly didn't see it last night

Last night was the first time they had a lead all season (didn't last long) and they have next to nothing at WR. If he can't command targets now he never will.

I missed most of last night's game, but I do know he was asked to block a lot against the Niners.

I'll buy the narrative that Gase & Co. just doesn't know how to utilize him, as opposed to him just being ineffective. That said, he had a bad drop in the 4th quarter and that's not going to help his chances at getting the ball more.

Gase deserves some of the blame for sure, but I haven't seen any sort of work ethic or passion from him at all.  He looks like he doesn't care.  A bad team culture, which is ownership's fault first and foremost, can suck the passion out of people, but he needs to be much more self-motivated IMO.

My sense is that like other Gase-coached guys before him, once his rookie contract is up, he'll go to another team and thrive.

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Chris Herndon caught 3-of-4 targets for 48 yards in the Jets' Week 15 win against the Rams. 

Herndon came to life with 29 pass routes against LA, the tenth most of Week 15 among tight ends. He's still not a reliable fantasy option but it's good to see the promising young tight end -- who has struggled with confidence issues this season -- capitalize on rare opportunities. Herndon is 20th in tight end routes this season while playing two-thirds of the Jets' offensive snaps. 

Dec 21, 2020, 10:25 AM ET

Chris Herndon caught 7-of-9 targets for 63 yards and one score in New York's Week 17 loss to the Patriots.

A late-round darling over the summer for his proven rapport with Sam Darnold, Herndon failed every test imaginable in only his third year in the league in finishing with 31/287/3 despite staying healthy for all 16 games. Like most players who have flashed historically then failed to develop under Adam Gase, Herndon, 25 in February, will definitely be discussed in fantasy circles again if only because both Darnold and Gase are expected to land elsewhere in 2021. Expect Herndon to gather steam as a hot TE flier after New York's offseason shakeups.

- Rotoworld

Vikings acquired TE Chris Herndon from the Jets in exchange for an unknown draft pick.

Tyler Kroft worked ahead of Herndon throughout camp, finishing second in target share (behind Corey Davis) from Zach Wilson in New York's three preseason games, spelling the end of any hype Herndon had garnered in a post-Adam Gase world. The 25-year-old arrives in Minnesota with Tyler Conklin as his only competition, though the former offers little confidence with just 31/287/3 receiving last year, even failing to become an average blocker and seeming "disinterested" at times over the summer. He continues to survive as a last-round TE in fantasy circles exclusively from the rapport he flashed with Sam Darnold (27/380/4) in 13 games together as rookies.
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It’s not impossible a change of scenery does him good. He has talent. Looked very good as a rookie but he has played like a guy since then that isn’t too interested in football. Sure a lot of it was Gase as HC, but Herndon also quit on routes and dropped a lot of passes. If he’s motivated now though he’s a guy to keep an eye on.

thread title change @Football Jones!
Gase called Herndon a game-changing type talent, but never really tried to utilize his ability. Really frustrating. Anyway, no way a guy like Kroft beats him out unless he’s dogging it.

The trade is good news, but we’ll see what happens. Herndon isn’t short on talent, though. Hopefully, he gets motivated in his contract year and turns his career around.

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So Irv Smith had the full meniscus repair, meaning he’s out 4-5 months (basically done for the season. 

Does that mean we’re doing this again with Herndon out of the Gase shadow?

Gase called Herndon a game-changing type talent, but never really tried to utilize his ability. Really frustrating. Anyway, no way a guy like Kroft beats him out unless he’s dogging it.

The trade is good news, but we’ll see what happens. Herndon isn’t short on talent, though. Hopefully, he gets motivated in his contract year and turns his career around.
As much as we all want to blame Gase for everything (deservedly so in most cases), Herndon was horrific last year. He was dropping wide open short passes that your average toddler probably would have caught.

Maybe Gase got in his head or something, but Herndon needs a sports psychologist.  I thought he would be really good. He had his chance to impress the new coaching staff, but was invisible and played without any kind of passion & effort. As much as I believed in him the past few years, I had already abandoned any hope.

I think it's worth a shot for Minnesota. Who knows. At least he's a decent blocker


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