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College Pickem - Tim Wins - log into leaugesafe for $$$ (1 Viewer)

The Ref

Ok I'll grab the bull by the horns and run the pool for this year. One stipulation - this is meant to be a friendly endeavor. It's OK to shtick it up, in fact it's encouraged, but don't let it get personal or turn into a bigger deal then it is. If the $50 entry or whatever the eventual prize pool is going to turn into life changing money event for you, I'd just assume you move on.

The contest will be run here.


Standard Bowl Pick Em set up. We will use confidence points and we will all pick games Vs the spread.

$$ needs to be paid at league safe - link below


Please let me know if you are in, what your handle is on the site if it's not the same as your FBG handle.

I don't care if you invite friends, but at the same time I may cap the total ## of entries if it manages to get out of hand. This is supposed to be a friendly FBG FFA centric pool with a little bit of $$ to make it interesting.

Best of luck to everyone and by all means post any questions or issues here.

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I was going to suggest including totals too, but with confidence points that may be a little much, unless you could do 1-35 for sides and 1-35 for totals?

I was going to suggest including totals too, but with confidence points that may be a little much, unless you could do 1-35 for sides and 1-35 for totals?
I think you're trying too hard.

Don't get me wrong, nice idea. But lets not make this more complicated then it is.

Getzlaf15 and Daniel Lambskin got personalized invitations from the site.

Let me know if you want to sign up and the attached link isn't working for you.

in, but the league safe link quickly changes to my dashboard link on LS. Can't figure out how to pay
Not sure what this means?

Anyone else have an idea?
I think you need to send us an invite on league safe too (unless there is one on the rt page). If I just log in on league safe there's no option to pay for the league
Same here. The league safe link goes to the main page and I can't pay. I'll need an invite to the same email address as the pool.
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I think I didn't confirm my e-mail as a commissioner on league safe so it was giving you a hard time. I think if you use the link it should be fine. I also sent about 20 e-mails to others in the FFA that I've played leagues with before. Sorry for the spam if you are not interested.

OK - I got a few personal friends that I know are in so it looks like we got a quorum and that this is going to work.

As I said in the OP - lets wait and see how many we got by Sat and we can work out the prize structure then.

I'd also like to do last place gets $$ back, but again that's up to us all.

Not sure how to log in to make my picks. Help?
Click the link above. If it wont let you sign up and make picks there should be a button that says something of the effect of "send an e-mail to ask the commish if it's OK to join".

I'll then send you an invite.

I can guarantee one more as my GB is signing up when he gets home.

Thats a full 10 of us with 4 days to go.


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