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College WR Devontez Walker, UNC (1 Viewer)

Jared Tokarz
‘24 NFL Draft Prospect 👀
#UNC WR Devontez Walker
6’1 193
4.36 forty
40.5 vert

Deep WR class has Walker is flying under the radar 2nd/3rd round steal?

🔹HR Hitter 30.7 ypc on TDs
🔹9.91 RAS athletic profile (3rd best wr)
🔹7 TDs 699 yards 8 games

Nice hands and body control

Big play WR

Walker will have to improve on his drops and refining his route tree but man athletically, Tez is a freak.

93% of snaps on outside. Walker Fits well with a team looking for a big play outside WR in mid 2nd
2024 NFL Draft: What We Learned from North Carolina, Washington pro days


3) Devontez Walker excels deep.
It has been an interesting pre-draft process for North Carolina WR Devontez Walker to this point. The talented pass catcher had an up-and-down Senior Bowl week, but it was followed by a terrific athletic workout at the combine, running a 4.36-second 40-yard dash and opening eyes in both the vertical jump (40.5 inches) and broad jump (11-foot-2).
Walker had a few drops while catching passes from Maye but also hauled in some impressive passes. The rule of thumb on Thursday: the deeper the pass, the better Walker seemed to look.
"Definitely speed," Walker said when asked what his superpower was. "Being able to win vertically, throw it over any defense -- I take pride in that. I feel like I can win a foot race with anybody, so I try to make everything a foot race."
In a way, it encapsulated a lot of what Walker displayed on the field in parts of his three college seasons, first with Kent State and later -- after a few hang-ups over his eligibility -- with UNC. Walker, though, admitted he was pleased with the work he put in on Thursday.
"I feel like I did real well," Walker said. "I was able to showcase a lot of things. A lot of scouts probably had questions about route running, catching the ball naturally, things like that. I feel good about my performance out there today."
But Walker also knows he's not yet a finished product.
"Definitely a lot of things to work on," he said. "Top of the route is the biggest thing I wanted to go into the offseason and put an emphasis on, and that's what I've been doing."

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