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Continuous Rays thread: fun season (1 Viewer)

Pitching injuries piling up and they're coming back to earth a bit. Excited for them to get home as I'm taking my daughter to the game tonight. I get to see the Rays and McClanahan. She gets to see AJR in the concert series. Let's go Rays!
Rays are ****ed if Shane is actually hurt
Was watching the game locally when it happened. Not sure what triggered them pulling him off the mound.

I hope Cash was just playing it way cautious
As good as the Rays have been, if Shane were to go on the DL with a lengthy injury, this team has lost starter after starter.
Great start, gonna be a rough ending at the rate they are losing arms.

I noticed him striking out more than usual the last few games, whether that is true or not, he hasn't been hitting the ball well, his home runs dropped off after a fast start and in general he's not very pleasant to be around when things aren't going right.

This is another strike agains the Rays being able to continue in the hotly contested AL East, they could fall hard the 2nd half of the season
I know, 3 of the teams are like 10 game back but the Orioles are ready to pounce and at least 1 of those other 3 teams is likely to get red hot down the stretch, Blue Jays seem like they have a lot of pieces to make a run.

Ohtani only MLB player with a higher W.A.R. than Franco in 2023, Franco sits at 3.8 right now.
One post a month after back to back wins over the O’s to even up the East.

This organization is truly incredible.

Going to multiple playoff games I hope. Love this team.
Excited they got it done. Kind of indifferent on the location, but we do love downtown St. Pete in general. Won’t help me get to more games though.

Not sure how keeping it there will help the attendance issues. But, maybe the shine of a new stadium brings everyone in consistently.

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