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Couple of Big Announcements (1 Viewer)

So is there still going to be a FF schedule site that others will pay for, without knowing you can get it free at FBG, or did you simply take their software/idea?

Is the other site going to have a name change to a footballguy related name?

How are you guys playing this?
The other site will be going out of business. Their url will redirect to our site and all of their content will end up on in Footballguys.com free area.
So it's the same thing as when you guys bought Jesusguys?
Hi Oddibe,No. Some friends bought that for us. :thumbup:


I worked so hard on getting my season's lineups together for the FFTOC format that week 3 I actually thought I had submitted my lineup...

...but didn't. :wall:

I figured I was done for so I threw in the towel.
That's my only complaint with this format. Miss 1 week and you are screwed. There needs to be a default lineup that can be called upon for 1 week only. Average score only to be returned and reasonable players used, but no studs lost. Miss more than 1 week and it's tough luck.

Every player has a value, and you have a salary cap. Scoring is survivor style where your best players scores count. Injuries are a killer, and don't draft Charles Rogers.
:lmao: Man, did that get everybody 2 years ago.


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