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Daryl Richardson - starting RB for STL (1 Viewer)


can this guy be a bell cow?

not very big but averaged 4.8 ypc last year and can catch the ball

I would imagine he'll be moving up PPR draft boards

First, of course he's the week 1 starter. Pead is suspended and Stacey really flopped...

That said, Fisher could just be messing with everyone's head and decide to start Pead week2. Though I do think Richardson could handle 15 touches per week, I don't see him handling more than that.

I'm all in with Richardson as my rb3 this season. I kept him from last season hoping for this outcome. Don't know what all the fuss was about pead. He hasn't done anything ate nfl level to warrant the love he was gettin oer D Rich.

It will definitely be more of an rbbc with d rich getting his 15 or so touches per game. Pead will still have a role and perhaps Stacey as well at the gl (although I think they will give d rich first crack as the starter).


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