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**Denver at Cleveland**(-1.5) O/U 40.5...The Bridgewater-Keenum Bowl TNF-Game Thread (1 Viewer)

Looking at Denver’s remaining schedule, I see two maybe (if lucky), three wins—especially the way they are playing. 

Time to blow things up. This is a lost season. Tank and see what the draft holds. 

Bridgewater was reported as "fine" a bit ago, and ready to roll.

As far as I'm concerned, this is like stealing money. Denver has most all their defensive players back, and the Browns are a shell of themselves on offense. 3rd string RB?  Check.     Down OBJ?  Check.     Jarvis Landry's first game back returning from IR?  Check.

Backup Cleveland QB?  Check.

It doesn't get much better than this, if you are a sports bettor.  (Can the Browns win?????? Possibly, but W in T F more reason do you need to bet Denver, than the ones outlined above?)

I'm just upset I didn't get a bigger line earlier in the week, but I wasn't paying attention until yesterday.
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I'm just saying OL>RB, Johnson has looked good tonight, and Hunt and especially Chubb always do, but I do think if you were to say, swap places with a guy like Josh Jacobs, Jacobs would look great in Cleveland while the other guy struggle in LV.
I agree.

Can't glean anything from this Game. The dude looked good, had juice, made some moved. But chubb and hunt are the ones getting paid and for good reason. They would have set records by halftime 

That was one of the most embarrassing defensive performances I've seen in a long time 

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Von Miller is going to destroy the terrible backup tackles that he is going to face.


Aric DiLalla@AricDiLalla

Von Miller setting high standards this week for himself:

“I will play well in this game. ... I’m going to have a great game. ... I don’t know who the tackle I’m going against is, but I’m going to kill him.”


If he faces Chris Hubbard, he will kill him.
Nick Kosmider@NickKosmider

Von Miller: “My pride hurts more than anything. I talked a lot of #### before this game. I wanted that animosity. … I feel like I was on the way to doing some big things.”


You could tell he was really trying to back up his words, have to feel for him.  Great player.


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