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Did my BIL get rolled in Vegas (1 Viewer)


In the Vegas thread, I let everyone know I was heading to Vegas for my brothers bachelor party.   20 guys in a giant house just off the strip...what could go wrong?


For those wondering... Getting Rolled is getting robbed (sometimes beaten up). 

My .02 and other completely arbitrary thoughts:

Regarding the Room:

  • If Bad Guy (pimp, thief, hooker, etc) wanted to roll someone, they ARE NOT incurring expense/effort of putting them in a 2 story suite.
  • IF a drunk guy is trying to entertain one or more ladies of the night, they ARE likely to procure something along the lines of a 2 story suite.  
  • Hotel should easily be able to pull video of him checking in to take a look at his mental state and company.
  • If he's legit claiming he was rolled, suggest pulling that video. If he is innocent he'll love the idea to figure out what happened. If he stone walls he knows what happens and doesn't want anyone to see that video.
Regarding the Cash / Watch: 

  • Venmo large amount (How much? To Whom?) is a clear indicator of either payment for a lady, or someone getting access to his phone while he's passed out. 
  • Lost Rolex is indicative of passing out with a Lady of the night in your room. 
  • Lost Credit Card is more common in vegas, but in presence of other issues... likely stolen with the Rolex. Any charges? 
  • The fact that he left those facts out of his story could be shame, but likely back the lady of the night story. 
Occams Razor definitely backs him booking one or more ladies and the suite, and then passing out and getting rolled. 

Curious what his story is? That he was drugged and robbed? As others have said, he doesn't really have a story....

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