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Dirtiest Play In Sports? (1 Viewer)

Did he drive a Honda? 

Nah, that's pretty bad. I guess if you hadn't read Epic's thread, you wouldn't know.  

Who was the guy from the Avalanche that basically attacked somebody at mid-ice and left his body limp? I forget the name, will never forget the attack.  

Thanks, man. Oh, I remember that one. I always remember Draper talking about his jaw after the game. "Look at my jaw," or something like that.   

This was different. He like grabbed the guy at mid-ice shoved him down and slammed his whole body into the ice. I could have the teams wrong, but I thought it was a guy from the Avalanche. It was assault any way you look at it.  

That play likely derailed a dynasty. McMahon's now lost for the season and that opened up the door for all of the Doug Flutie based inner fighting crap and it was all downhill from there.  

Not feeling all that bad that he died at 45 from kidney failure. 
Didn't a Bucs D-lineman (can't remember his name) blindside a defenseless Packers O-lineman and essentially end his career?

ETA: Warren Sapp!!!

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