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Do you guys fuss with lineups Week 1? (1 Viewer)


In a league where I drafted Mattison, I noticed he has a poor matchup against the Buccaneers Week 1. Thinking of benching for Gibson.

Am I overmanaging? Seems like conventional wisdom, but I just don't want to get stuck with 5 points when a guy with a pedestrian career YPC struggles against a quality Todd Bowles lead run defense.

What say you? Start your team as drafted or try and play the matchup Week 1?
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If teams are going to have off games it's week one. Cuts in all directions and you can't predict it so stick with your guys.
I just lie to myself.
Whatever it is Monday, it'll be Sunday, but I absolutely adjust it during the week for no sincere reason
I like to set my lineup with purely backups or bland Jacoby Meyers types so it looks like I'm gonna get absolutely clobbered, but then 10 minutes before game time I bring out the big guns and re-set said lineup with stud after shining stud. You can feel the opposing team's hope replaced by frantic panic as they scramble for an answer, yet find nothing. I may send an uplifting note with my final lineup, something like "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."
I start the team I drafted to be my starters.

In the case of one team with Jeudy, and one team with TMc, I go next man up.

In the case of the league I faded TE, imma play the matchup (JuJohn over Chig, plus Chig is battling an injury)

But for the most part week 1 should be the no-brainer lineup.
I approach week 1 like any other. I play what I think are the best players in the best match-ups. I pay no attention to which player I drafted earlier. I would have no problem playing a RB I took in round 6 over a RB I took in round 4 if that looked like the better play. I usually just look at Fantasy Pros as a baseline.

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