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Dolphins at Jets Game Thread (1 Viewer)

Amendola.....got jacked up.....hopefully just the wind knocked out of him and nothing serious in terms of lung or collar bone.

And that right there is what kills me with Tannehill. No internal clock. Get the ball out....heave that thing out of bounds near an eligible WR....something. Taking a sack there....knocked them out of FG range.

Let’s go Dolphins......we need 6 on this drive to really get some breathing room. Nice long drive....stay committed to the running game....lot’s of Drake....mix in the play action.

Let’s go.

ahhh ####...looks like a back spasm for Drake.

That’s ok we have the future HOF Frank Gore to grind here some more.

There is that crappy ### pocket awareness for Tanny......but we get bailed out by a defensive hold. Thank you J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

Gore = gamer

Ridiculous catch that he made look easy at his ankles and then scammers for over 20 yards for a key 3rd and long conversion. 

Tannehill looking damn good despite the warts of some bad pocket presence on occasion. 

Very happy with the offense and the commitment to the running game. If we rush for 100 or more as a team we will win a lot of games.

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