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Double Feature: MOP vs JP Morgan Chase/Banks in a Steel Cage (1 Viewer)

Your typical credit union will have less hours open than Chase.  ATM network won’t be as easy too.  
Good points. But really all I needed was a 2nd card or account. Sure, there will be a $5 fee plus more for using the small bank at a remote ATM, totally understand. We usually are not charged anything for having our Check/Savings and I try hard not to rack any ATM fees but every once in a while I just let it go if I really need access. 

It's like I can put the gas in at $1.99 but then every once in a while I end up near the beach with little to no gas and I end up having to pay $2.49 a gallon over there or more...it off sets a lot of the savings but I figure it still balances out. I hate having to pay more for gas when I know there are lower prices around town. 

Welcome back MOP!  Don't go in the political forum.
I couldn't agree more with you. I have shut off the TV almost entirely and I still get some info thru the internet obviously but I am starting to aim my frustration at the Television World. 

-Every person is selling you an idea or their POV or something...they want you to buy in, otherwise they wouldn't speak or post. MOP is no different...

I don't believe everyone would act like they do in here if we were all sitting around having a cup of coffee at the Knights of the Triangular Shaped and Perpetually Perplexed Table   ;)  

Good to see you

Ned said:

You still write checks.  Admit it.
Yes, yes I do on occasion.

Got hacked once on a Friday night after 6pm, by 8pm I had all of my money back on my account. The bank? Chase.


Friday Update: We went in to do some banking that we had to make an appointment for. We were greeted to two chairs near the teller windows but more of a desk set up with a plexiglass separating us from the worker bee. Now to be honest, this guy was awesome. He moved from NYC in Mid-March, oh yes, as this pandemic was in full explosion  :lmao:

I welcomed him to Florida, turns out he knew a lot of the same style of House Music i have grown accustomed to, this was not expected but certainly made the task easier. I was also wearing a bright and I do mean bright colored shirt with a very large monkey wearing a set of DJ Booth headphones and I get a lot of smiles back from it. 

So we get to the end and he asks if there is anything else he can do for me and I ask about getting something special on my new Visa/ATM card and he hooked me up with one of these and I had to laugh at how easily I was bought off from griping and complaining. 


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