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Dunta Robinson (1 Viewer)

He is a play count this week of 20 plays. My guess from Kubiak's words is that barring a setback, it will around a month before he is playing fulltime. If I am in a CB separated league, I would probably pick him up in the next week or two. In an all DB league, I would wait a bit longer and see if he is putting up good tackle numbers before committing.

I picked him up in a couple of leagues that he was available in just on the off chance that he returns to form. If he doesn't, he's always easy to drop. :thumbup:

Deep redraft leaguers and dynasty owners, probably in CB required leagues only, would be the only owners that should be making a move for Robinson now. He's probably not going to be full strength until next season and he'll be at risk for some sort of compensatory injury early on.

He's a very good tackler and has above-average ball skills, though, so if he shows signs of being able to average five solos or so, he'll worth the pick up in shallower leagues as well.


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