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King of the Jungle

Changed the topic to two WR's I do not know much about.

Chaz Schilens, OAK 7th rounder. INSANE measurable's (4.3, huge vert - 6'4, 220). Russell has a big arm and this kid can run. Cable wants him more involved:Link

Harry Douglas, ATL - Is he Marvin Harrison to Matt Ryan's Peyton Manning?

Looking for any insight on whether either is worth stashing....


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I have him stashed. Big and fast. His pro day numbers: 6'4'', 208, 4.38 40 yard dash, 43" vertical.

He was hurt a lot in college so he didn't have eye-popping numbers. If you take a closer look his last year at SDSU, after returning from injury, he finished the year with games of 8-215, 6-174, and 8-106. Kevin O'Connell had very average QB numbers in games without Schilens.

:lmao:any value here?
Chaz Schilens is starting as a rookie and looks to possibly hold the job. No one is taking about him and he looks like a great cheap pickup in dynasty leagues.I mean, people (like me) are waiting on Kelly, Sweed, Thomas, Simpson, Manningham, etc. in the same leagues ... spent 1-3 rounders on them ... and this guy is already starting -- and not due to injury -- and he is still on the wire in a lot of leagues.Good size, the Raiders seem to like him ... seems like a no-brainer. Much more valuable than Douglas IMHO due to his size/speed combo and the fact that he has no competition to keep the job (as opposed to Douglas, who has to beat out Robinson to be no. 2 and will probably always be relegated to No. 3).Of course, we will see ... but the cost is right. Of course, I look at this thing as a guy who plays in mostly 16 teamers, so any starter has a lot of intrinsic value.
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Harry Douglas, ATL - Is he Marvin Harrison to Matt Ryan's Peyton Manning?
Roddy White down?
Nope. Matt looks like he will be able to support two receivers though.
Laurent Robinson >>> Harry Douglas
:excited: Sorry to hijack the thread, but I wanted to add that Robinson is a pretty nice buy low right now.
Isn't he a buy low because he hasn't done jack and seems to have less playing time than Jenkins and now this Douglas guy. Seems like he might be a buy low for a reason. He reminds me of Sidney Rice, another guy who has been a buy low for the last 13 months.
Very angry that Douglass vultured Turner's 5th rushing TD away yesterday! :goodposting:

4-92 receiving isn't bad though. Why did he have 5-90 against Chicago before their bye and then go 4 weeks with a total of one catch for 12 yards?


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