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ESPN Football Shows - Daily Wager (1 Viewer)


So I've stopped watching ESPN except for NFL games pretty much for 5-6 years now. Their shows are put together horribly with too many hosts and everyone shouting their hot takes over each other.

There was one show I did enjoy. It was Daily Wager. It had real Vegas odds makers talking lines and betting trends in a low key, no nonsense presentation that gave you all the details from each matchup you needed to know to make an informed bet. They weren't always right but their logic was sound. Sunday mornings it would come on at 8am EST too live from Vegas. It was a nice aesthetic to see the rising sun over the desert city to give that gambler feel of being at the sports book early Sunday mornings.

Last year they started adding the usual ESPn hosts though. It wasn't much but they added Tyler Fulgham who's skill is shouting things loudly and fast. The rest of the show was still the same so I rolled with it. This year, they moved the studio to Bristol, CT changed the time to 10:30am and added all the stereotypical hosts. It's a generic show now. Just one more show gone to the trash can.

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