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Far more passion in the Rose Bowl than Super Bowl (1 Viewer)

RB or SB

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college football is just the better game of football.

When Madden started talking about " down by two scores with 4 minutes to go you run two minute drill" I checked out.

Football is about seizing the moment and taking chances. The NFL has become to rich and predictible. It was like watching two SEC teams today.

If you asked 100 Americans ( not Trojans or Longhorns) which was the better football game the RB by a landslide.

Is the Super Bowl even about football anymore? I was pretty lost between the pre-game show, commercials, and half-time show.

I don't understand what you're trying to get here.

You're asking us to compare possibly the best Rose Bowl ever between 2 undefeated teams for the national championship game vs. a very ordinary Super Bowl between arguably 2 of the weaker Super Bowl participants in recent years?

What if you did this comparison during any of the recent great Super Bowls we had? Broncos 31, Packers 24; Rams 23, Titans 16; Patriots 20, Rams 17; Patriots 32, Panthers 29. 4 of the best games I've seen in any sport, ever.

This Rose Bowl was better than this Superbowl. IN fact, this Rose Bowl was one of the all time great Football games played. It wasn't so well played on D, which makes the O's look better, and that's more memorable for more fans. In this SB, the D's really controlled the game. Offense is more exciting to most.

But, it's a better game than many SB's. Does it live up to the 3 point wins NE has accustomed us to? Of course not. But, all games aren't decided by a FG. I watched this one to the end, because Seattle seemed on the verge of clicking all game. They'd have a few good plays, pick up a first or two, and fizzle. I just felt that eventually they'd get it clicking. Kudos to Pitt for keeping that in check.

If your point is that this SB was not a good one, I agree. Neither team played particularly well. If you took away all the hoopla around the Super Bowl, and only watched the game, I would have thought it was an October game between 2 average teams.

But that doesn't make all SBs lesser than the Rose Bowl. Have you catched some of the Patriots recent SBs?


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