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Anyone else frustrated with the new FB membership models? Trying to use the dominator for my auction next week, and it won't even use the normal rankings or projections - to get these you would need to pay an extra $22 a year. Considering its not a salary cap league and just an auction to allocate players, this seems excessive. Been on these boards since cheatsheets.net and have been a paying member ever year in it's existence. I like that it gives top 200 going forward that links directly to my site, but thats pretty expensive for just that and the dominator - which is now completely useless to me in my main league. Anyone else feeling this new move might be pushing you to move elsewhere? Very frustrating. @Joe Bryant seems like a good dude, but not sure I can stay on board after this year sadly.
Hi @Raiders

You can see our 3 levels of membership here. www.footballguys.com/plans

PRO is for Season Long Redraft for offensive only
ELITE is PRO plus Dynasty, IDP, Best Ball and Salary Cap (what many folks call auction where instead of drafting, you bid for players)
HALL Of FAME is ELITE plus DFS content.

To get the ELITE package with Dynasty, IDP, Best Ball and Salary Cap / Auction works out to $5.79 per month if you buy an annual subscription. We've added a ton of new features to IDP and Dynasty and Salary Cap. The big Salary Cap upgrade this year was all new cheatsheets that let you input your league info and salary cap on the cheatsheets and it will configure player suggested values there. https://www.footballguys.com/salary-cap-auction-values?pos=all

And of course, for the best values on Salary Cap / Auction, our Draft Dominator allows even more detail and control.

I fully get that there are some less expensive or free options out there. And I admit I'm biased but I wholeheartedly believe our product is easily worth 3x the price we ask. But that's of course up to the consumer.

You can easily upgrade your PRO subscription to an ELITE on the site at www.footballguys.com/plans. If you have any trouble doing that, please let our Customer Service folks know by visiting www.footballguys.com/help and clicking "contact support".

Hope you have an awesome 2023 regardless of which way you go. Thanks.
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