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Aaron Rudnicki

Keep Walking™
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Last year's thread

League is run through yahoo. I think everybody from last year is in if they want. Otherwise, we'll need a list of alternates to fill spots as available.

LIVE Draft will be at Yahoo on Tuesday October 2nd at 9:15pm EASTERN

Cost: $30/person

Rosters: 3LW, 3C, 3RW, 1UT, 4D, 2G, 6 bench spots, 1 IR, 2 IR+

Roto scoring (G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG, Blocks, W, GAA, SV%, SO)

Note: Must have at least 50 goalie starts in the season for their stats to count.

From the other thread, these people are confirmed in so far:

@Chemical X
@Dickie Dunn
@Northern Voice
@Bill Brasky
@Doctor Detroit
@E Street Brat


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1d1000, rolled once.

Roll set 1
Die rolls: 735
Roll subtotal: 735
Roll total: 735

think I forgot to label it brasky, sorry :bag:

Hits did bring a lot of different players into the mix with such a deep league. But I'm game for whatever you guys decide.

I think I screwed up the email on my first roll.  This one should have went through. 

1d1000, rolled once.

Roll set 1
Die rolls: 774
Roll subtotal: 774
Roll total: 774

I sent my roll to Getzlaf for confirmation.

confirmed rolls so far

Getzlaf 783
Cav 774
dino259 722
mozzy84 586
ChemX 322
DickieDunn 515
Rudnicki 280
RnR 138

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I don’t think I labeled it.  I’ll re-roll, use the one I posted, or go last.  I don’t care.  just wanted to chode things up a bit right off the bat

If I got one without a label or something it would be easy to verify but I got nothing besides the ones I posted. 


End of email usually has this stuff:

--- verified message ends here ---
Roll ID: 338056
MD5 checksum: 95c39494ec7b0ee7a5411fce6339aa20

If you sent to yourself, just resend to me or something. Dunno. 

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I may have the turn

1d1000, rolled once.

Roll set 1
Die rolls: 59
Roll subtotal: 59
Roll total: 59

Roll for me. or use roll one of the seven I rolled. No wonder i suck. I can't even roll correctly 

Another vote to include hits.

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I rolled for Thorn, EStreet, and Wheat Kings. We are at 15 and this is current draft order

DrDetroit 939
Getz 783
Cav 774
Brasky 735
Dino259 722
Thorn 615
Mozzy84 586
DickieDunn 515
ChemX 322
Rudnicki 280
EStreet 193
RnR 138
WheatKings 123
NorthernVoice 118
Kupcho 59


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