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FFAWT: Quarters 2: Linnus Scrimmage Memorial Draft (1 Viewer)

Who is comfortable with my cell phone number? Going to be on the road for about four hours to start the day tomorrow.

Wait, how many people are in this?

Also, I need the rules again, I forget.
8, but I effed up. I can drop, you guys just need a new thread.
Does anyone else in here even know what to do?
You do a snake draft for all 64 teams (the first four play-in games you get the winner of that play-in game). When a team you pick wins, you earn round x seed x 7 x denomination. If Baylor wins the first round you earn (1 for round) x (3 for seed) x 7 x .25 = $5.25. It is a zero sum game so that means the other seven players owe you .75 each (7 x .75 = $5.25)

If Baylor wins the second game, you earn (2 for round) x (3 for seed) x 7 x .25 = $10.50. Each of the other seven players owes you $1.50 each (7 x $1.50 = $10.50).

Are the round values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?

His later roll too isn't promising. I'm getting worried.

Come on prince prove us wrong!


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