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Fooling myself with the Bills D? (1 Viewer)


I am not one to draft a kicker or defense high. But I had the Bills targeted this year due to the defensive line and return game.

Was I wrong? Is it still too early?

I am looking at 4 sacks, a fumble recovery and roughly 75+ return yardage this week...

I haven't smoked a fatty in years, but is it crazy to think this is possible?

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too early to tell

new staff, new philosphy, Wannstadt gone, cold weather, weakish division where even the Pats offense looks to be feeling the hit of inexperienced WRs, cold weather at the end of the year...lots of stuff to see here...

I waited too long (the last round) and missed them in my draft and I regret not taking them a little earlier. I'm not really excited about their prospects for this week's game but they have some good games on the schedule and will be solid against pocket passing QBs. They were without their #1 CB and arguably their best defensive player (Byrd) and harrassed Brady all game long last week.

The Bills D is on the rise with Pettine as D Coordinator. I expect they'll be like Pettine's Jets-D was the past few years.

Keep in mind the Bills are missing their 2 best Defensive players right now. Stephon Gilmore is out another 2-4 games with a broken wrist. Jairus Byrd held out & is now sitting w/ a foot injury that many speculate he's exaggerating out of spite. They'll be instantly better when they return, and the D should improve over the course of the season. I think they'll finish as a top-12 as a FF Defense.


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