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Fusion Arena (1 Viewer)


Philly building an E-Sports arena.  First of its kind.


I'm not going to pretend I get this or be the old man who tries to knock it.  My younger brother had/has friends with a couple people on a team down in Texas.  In this post, I am neither for or against it.  I am Switzerland.  With that said, I'm amazed how big this stuff is.  Watching people play video games.  If there was any one thing that I could point at and say, "This is definitely the one thing that makes me feel the oldest", it would be this.

Boy howdy, ain't it fun to be the first culturally aware generation and be able to watch yourself becoming obsolete?. Athletes measuring their worth by the number of load-management nights they get; women taunting about the viability of the masculine gender with impunity; fleekflakes all up in nothing-but-the-soc and now this. To the cliffs!


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