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Game Thread W10 - Minnesota V Green Bay (1 Viewer)

Nice play Vikes.. CHRIST!! Favre throws it up for grabs, and you not only don't make the play, but they score a TD on it.Nice D.. BLAH!! :X :X

Please... please.... those of you blessed with this game, share what you can. I'm stuck with the CAR-SF game.... :X

TD pass fumbled at the goalline - this one needs reviewing on so many levels.Did he catch it and have possession? Is it incomplete, a fumble, or a TD?Ruled a TD - so does Tice challenge this one?

shovel pass....TD Fischer.... then fumble...then chaos ensues....the the zebras call TD...but it looked out prior to the goalineCan Tice get it right this time? It will still be GB ball.

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HOW The F do the Refs decide that the Packers recovered that ball in the end zone??They have a hidden camera in the Grass that only they can see??Hate those types of fricken calls.. How do you make a judgement call BEFORE you see the ball and who has it??

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hot: Harris grabs the WR jersey and NO CALL?!?!??!Yea, and there are never Homer calls huh??

Anyone have a High School Defense that is fresh and can step in for the Vikes??Tice said before the game :"we've spent a lot of draft picks on defense in the last few years now you guys gota make palys"Guess We will be drafting/trading for more defense players early again next year. :wall: :wall:


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