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Game Thread W5 - Tampa Bay V Denver (1 Viewer)

yeah, how can 1 complete 7 passes for 34 yards? That's HARD to do?

A guy at work asked me this week, how can't Gruden be in trouble? Isn't he an O genius, and his O sucks?

I said, ih, super bowl, won div last year, uhh, uhhh, but I AGREE!

Dear Gruden,

This is like one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Buy a vowel please.

Griese Fan

This is one of those games where having the QB/WR hook-up (Cutler/Marshall) can kill your fantasy week...ugh.

I think Cutler is trying to be too much like Brady and spread the ball around. He should stick to what worked before and throw to his studs.

I see Garcia was in on Tampa's last series. Griese out for ineffectiveness, or out for injury?
Oh, for cripes sake.
:thumbup: Translation please :unsure:
I viewed it as some one else who had Griese playing today, but I agree it is unclear whether or not he is complaining about you asking the question or the fact that Griese is possibly out of the game. Garcia started the next drive -- I still don't know if Griese is injured or just ineffective.
From the injury thread:

Champ Bailey just drove Brian Griese into the turf. He hit him under the right shoulder and elbow and drove his left shoulder into the ground. Griese is on the sidelines being looked at by trainers. Jeff Garcia in at QB.

ETA: Announcers just said it is a shoulder injury, Griese questionable to return.

Stupid D lineman picks one off and thinks he's Barry Sanders... drops the rock and gives TB another set of downs... FALL DOWN FAT BOY!

Damn you Marcus Thomas, seriously? How many ways can this team shoot themselves in the foot on top of not being able to stop anyone? (for the most part)

I'm glad the Denver pass rush finally showed up. A lot of it has to do with Dummerville finally being heathy.

is it me, or does it seem like EVERY tackle by a Denver LB gets some version of a celebration dance? it's not like they're about the worst rated defense in the league or anything.

make a (routine) tackle and go back to your huddle. :goodposting:


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