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Game Thread W8 - Jacksonville V Houston (1 Viewer)

Houston just forced Jax to punt from their own end zone. HOU takes over at JAX 39 after good return by Moses.

Carr goes over the top on 4th and 1 and fumbles. Refs rule forward progress. Looks like it will be challenged.

DD doesn't seem to be getting anything going early (based on the gamesheet)..Gains of 3,1,2,4,2,0,2How's he looking?
Not looking to good. Getting stuffed. Typical DD. Carr seems to be a lot more comfortable with his WR's and not looking to DD out of the backfield as much as he was in the beginning of the season.
Gaffney TD on an end-around
Actually, Gaffney went to stick the ball out, and he dropped it before he reached the end zone. I got up to get the door, so I'm not sure if it's a challenge or not.
Oy vey...that has to be embarrassing. How do you ever live that down with your teammates?? Hope they don't lose by 7 points or less...

Unbelievable - I pick up Lefty after hes on a tear and he has been pretty lousy thus far! Hope he picks it up - no shots down the field yet. BTW - also have DD who also looks terrible!!! Officially afraid of Wells!

Leftwich is not a great 1st half QBThey are throwing a lot of hitch routes to combat the zone blitz. The running game isn't doing much at all....again

Not too much shotgun so farWhat I see a lot of are a lot of arm tackle whiffs. DD is getting a lot of YAC

Toe and Jones running the ball?What's up with fred?
they get 1 carry each and you flip out........ chill
I take it we have no Taylor injury? Just a collision of wonderful game plan, great line and Taylor playing lousy this season?
Fans in Jax still aren't totally sold on Leftwich and freaking worship his backup David Garrard. Most of the idiot fans won't care about him being hurt :no:

:wall: Just traded for Lefty a couple weeks ago to replace McNair on my 2-5 squad... All updates are much appreciated...

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