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Gear Icon X , need help (1 Viewer)


Arizona Chupacabra
Costco had a good deal on Samsung Gear Icon X ($40.00 off). I have wanted these forever so I finally broke down and bought something for me. First time I used them it seemed like the connection was getting lost with the phone in my back pocket. 

I tried to use them again yesterday and I was getting an intermittent harmonic sound. It sounded like some kind of notification but there was nothing to notify me about. I turned all notifications off on my phone and the sound persisted. It was a pretty consistent noise and seemed to switch ears at times.

Has anyone had this problem and if so do you have a solution? As of right now I think I am going to return them tomorrow unless I can find a solution. I am really bummed that these dont work the way they should. This is technology I have waited my whole life for and I feel very let down.

I am only connecting to my phone for music and podcast. I have also done a google search and found the problem described but I find no solutions. 


I tried them again yesterday. For much of my walk they were fine but I did have the same sound happen but much less then the day before. I did call Samsung customer service who had me reset them. I really want these to work but I am leaning towards returning them. 


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