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**Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills** (-10.5) (47) (1 Viewer)

Hot Sauce Guy

That’s twice Buffalo has accepted a 5 yard penalty on a 9 yard pass to Davis, and I just don’t get it. Especially here when they want the clock to run. What the hell. Turico even said, “which I’m sure they’ll decline”.


Turnstile's "Holiday" in that Taco Bell commercial. That's a long, long way from the hardcore underground. I guess not for this generation, but for ours it would have been.


Awful decision by Allen. Why not throw it away when you are on the frickin 3. I could make the ensuing FG.
I think he tried to turf it and did a horrible job of it which was just stupid anyway as a throw out of the back of the end zone works 100 times out of 100

Ministry of Pain

Happy that AJ Dillon was out there on the TD play. I saw him injured and have been away from the TV, good to see him back in the game, that was an ugly looking tackle earlier.

Ministry of Pain

Toure might be in line for more snaps, targets and receptions because Watson cannot stay healthy and that's just the beginning with him, Watkins should retire, Cobb is hurt, Lazard is hurt

Toure Toure Tuore
Get those WW requests ready this week

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