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Head Coaching Candidates (1 Viewer)


So since the should this coach or that coach should be on the hot seat threads are becoming eye sores I hope to maybe start a more productive one. Who are the coaching candidates for the empty positions? I'll start with the ones that come off the top of my head or that I've heard rumors about.

Former Head Coaches

Bill Cowher - Turned down Cle; NYJ rumored to be interested

Marty Schottenheimer - Cle and NYJ rumored to be interested

Dan Reeves - Detroit rumored to be interested

Eric Mangini - Connections to Cle

Jim Fassel - Rumored to be interested in Raiders job

Brian Billick - Former Superbowl winner

Current Coordinators

Steve Spagnolo - NYG Defensive Coordinator rumored to be on list for Cle; possibly NYJ

Jason Garrett - Dallas Offensive Coordinator rumored to be interviewing with Lions

Josh McDaniels - New England Offensive Coordinator rumored as possible candidate for Cle and NYJ

Kevin Gilbride - NYG Offensive Coordinator rumored Al Davis has interest in him for Oak job

Current Interims

Jim Haslett - Current Rams Interim

Tom Cable - Current Raiders Interim


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