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From RotoWorld:

With Denver's backfield wrecked by injuries, Tatum Bell is scheduled to workout Tuesday for the Broncos.

Bell was a second-round pick by the Broncos in 2004 and had a 1,000-yard season for them in 2006 before being dealt to the Lions for Dre Bly. He was cut loose in September and made headlines for allegedly stealing Rudi Johnson's luggage, but the Broncos are pretty desperate.

Source: Denver Post

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I thought Bell would have been blackballed by the entire league for his Rudi Johnson stunt, but I guess when a franchise is down to its scout team for RBs, the tolerance for misbehavior increases.

Looks like Denver is going to sign him. This is from the Rocky Mountain News

The Denver Broncos, looking to add depth to their depleted running back corps, are expected to bring back former Broncos running back Tatum Bell.

Bell was at the Broncos Dove Valley complex Tuesday morning and was being given a physical. Paperwork on a contract was expected to be completed by early Tuesday afternoon.

Bell, a former second-round pick by the Broncos was traded to the Detroit Lions along with former first-round pick George Foster for cornerback Dre Bly before the 2007 season. Bell, who rushed for 182 yards in five games with the Lions in 2007, was released by the team before the start of the 2008 season.


I think his trade, then release and re-signing is just a ploy by Skeletor...aka Puppet Master....to motivate him. :angry:


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