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How about some love for Boldin? (1 Viewer)


I do not want to take anything away from Fitzgerald, believe me but can Boldin finally get the same respect? LFitz is always ranked above Boldin in projections, yet Boldin has outperformed him in 5 of the 7 games they have played together. Can we now say he is a top 5 WR now (actually #1 in my league and still missed 2 games due to injury)?

Just felt I owed this to him, considering he saved my butt after the week Coles, Cotchery and LT had.

There are a couple of threads singing his praises and deservedly so. The guy is a beast, and Warner loves him.

He's one of my favorite NFL players to be sure. I hope he gets traded to Green Bay this offseason!

Seriously though he is a friggin beast. I traded for him right after the jaw break. The deal was Sjax and Boldin for LT2 and Eddie Royal (dynasty). Needless to say, I love Boldin, and he was the "other" guy in the trade.

Plus you know with Boldin that he's gonna suit up if he possibly can.

Boldin does it all...

Larry Fitzgerald 2008 Stats:

Larry caught 80+ Receiving Yards 5 times, and only got 1 Receiving TD.

Larry caught <80 Receiving Yards 4 times, and got 1 Receiving TD each time (5 total).

So if he either gets the yardage OR a TD, but not really both.

The way Boldin is playing I wonder if they gave all that money to the wrong Receiver.


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