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How can you trust V-Jax at this point...Inj's and a new QB! (1 Viewer)


Does any think V-Jax is a better option than these stiffs... Is anyone rolling him out there this week???

This can't possibly get any worse…

A banged-up V-Jax and crappy passing game an old S. Homes and a crappy passing game or a mediocre WR in E. Sanders with Big Ben at QB….

Guess I will go with S. Holmes…I don't see how you can trust V-Jax and E. Sanders is in London on an 0-3 team…

Never thought S. Holmes would be a more viable start in week 4!

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Sorry stevesk didn't know there was a limit to how many post's a person puts on here about a certain topic or player...thank you for enlightening me!


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