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How much will changes in KC affect...... (1 Viewer)

King of the Jungle

1. Head Coach - I did not watch the Jets much when Lewis was coaching. He seemed like a run first coach, but their passing game was never very proficient. Looking for any homer insight as far as what kind of offense he ran.

2. Offensive Coordinator - Saunders gone. Have they hired anyone? WHat is his background.

3. Losing FB Richardson - I am very surprised that they let him walk. This will most likely have a negative affect. Who would replace?

4. Aging offensive line. Roaf and Shields have been around since the Jurassic era. I don't know how much depth they have at the position, but their age is an obvious concern.

5. Quarterback - Trent Green is no spring chicken either. Little or no depth behind him.

6. Padre - If I had to guess, I would say that he would be back. He is a competitor and surely would not want to watch the Chiefs make a run for it while sitting on the couch.

7. Others?

*Nervous LJ owner looking for insight.

dont be nervous. LJ seems like the real deal. IIRC Richardson didn't really block that much anyway. I also didn't watch many Jets games, but Herm Edwards was the coach when C-Mart won the rushing title. Who knows about Priest. And when Roaf was out last year, it seemd to hurt Gonzo more than the running game.


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