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I'm starting up a new league and we are considering IDP. I've never used IDPs before and wanted a little insight on how your leagues run this. How many defensive players do you start? What positions? What are some of the pros/cons compared to Team Defense? Are there any specific rules that you have regarding IDPs? Any input would be appreciated.

Zealot leagues have 53-man dynasty roster and start the following1/2/3/1/1 + 1 FLEX on Offense2DL/2LB/2DB + 2 FLEX (no more than 3 at any one position)That's 9:8The scoring is set so that the IDPs can really make a difference (6 pts for TDs, Return yardage for INTs, FRs, Punt/Kick returns, etc.)I've joined a new league this year (Gamebreakers) which starts:8 offense & 11 defense - with all DEF positions requiring at least one starter (DT/DE/LB/CB/S).gamebreakers is over the top for first-year IDP players. Zealots SEEMS like a lot, but I think it's a very good system. I cut my IDP teeth on it last year, so it's doable for the first year IDP player.

Check the post bye "eyejames" a bit down the page - it's the same question with some answers.I'd say the biggest thing to figure out is the balance between points for tackles and for big plays.


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