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If Ricky is worth a 2nd rounder . . . (1 Viewer)

Someone please explain to me how a "never has been" like Maurice Clarrett is worth a 3rd rounder but Ricky is not worth a 2nd rounder.
Maurice Clarett :yucky: He was never worth a 3rd round pick.I think to the Dolphins, Ricky is worth a 2nd rounder. Contending for the division, he is valuable as a backup or starter. An injury to Ronnie could send their aspirations down the drain if Ricky is not on the roster. As such, in order to be talked into trading Ricky (and continuing with the rebuilding), they would likely demand a 2nd rounder. If they tanked last year and expected to do the same thing again because of rebuilding, a 3rd or 4th might be satsifactory.

Will Denver or anyone else meet that demand? Different question. But to trade Ricky for less might be too much.

THe same for TJ. He is worth more as a starter/backup to the Bears- who have playoff aspirations- then a 3rd or 4th rounder.

He's worth a bag of peanuts now...

An entire thread dedicated to Ricky... and he disappoints...... AGAIN.


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